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Vista Ranch and Cellars sells a variety of Olive oils grown and harvested by the Marchini family. The family decided to create an olive oil brand to continue the tradition that started in 1938 when Florindo Marchini, who migrated from Italy to the United States in 1920, planted 22 Mission and Manzanillo olive trees. Years later the family is continuing to sustain Florindo’s tradition of authentic Italian Olive Oil production.


  • Vista-15Vista Ranch Estate – this olive oil is a blend of Mission and Manzanillo varieties which gives it its buttery flavor. These trees were planted over 60 years ago in Merced county and are still thriving in the Mediteranean climate.
  • Fox Creek – this olive oil is a blend of Leccino and Frantoio varieties. These two olives combine to create a creamy malty center with a peppery finish. This olive oil pays homage to the Reiman family and the beautiful Fox Creek Ranch in Plainsburg, California.
  • Morley (Early Harvest) – this olive oil is a blend of Leccino and Frantoio varieties. This olive oil is harvested and pressed early in the season which creates a peppery spicy finish.
  • Tuttle (Late Harvest) – this olive oil is 100% Mission variety. These trees are over 70 years old growing in Merced county and thriving in the Mediterranean climate. This Olive Oil is harvested and pressed later in the season which creates a more buttery and less pungent flavor.